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If you are an agritourist and you have a family, you will know very well that organizing your holidays in a farmhouse for children in Umbria respecting everyone’s needs is very important!

For the little ones, in fact, spending a few days or even just a weekend away from home often represents an occasion for special fun that they will look forward to.

For this reason, choosing a farmhouse for children in Umbria for your vacation could be the perfect choice for the holiday you are planning with your family. Many of the farmhouse Umbria that you will find on this site in fact have services dedicated to children, such as play areas for them where they can socialize and make friends.

Without forgetting that there are also Umbria Pet Friendly Farmhouses where you can bring your pets that will make your children happy!

But it does not end here: let’s discover together what the Umbria agritourisms for children include here:

farmhouse in Umbria for children

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Farmhouses in Umbria with children’s playground

A farmhouse for children in Umbria must absolutely have a play area in which your children can play safely without running hazards.

In fact, in almost all the holiday farms on this site there are large open spaces where your children can play and socialize.

These are real playgrounds equipped with slides, swings, rockers and colored springs that the most beautiful pastel colors. Often, there are also small rides.

It should be emphasized that if you want you will never lose sight of your children while they play. This is because all the play areas of the children’s farm in Umbria are equipped with comfortable benches and large tables designed specifically to give relaxation to parents who do not want to lose sight of their children while they have fun.

Furthermore, for older children, there are also areas where you can play board games like chess or checkers!

farmhouse Umbria children on a swing

Sports activities in a farmhouse for children in Umbria

In the agritourism for children in Umbria it is expected to also find areas dedicated to sports such as a football or tennis court.

It is in fact these areas that attract the children of the people that came on holiday in Umbria with their family. In fact, children will often want to spend some leisure time in the company of their parents and then what better context to do it than the classic soccer game?

A game of soccer to be organized perhaps against another host family of the structure in order not to miss the opportunity to socialize, as well as in this sense can be seen the opportunity offered by some farmhouses in Umbria to take advantage of their tennis courts.

If you prefer to do more relaxing activities there are always bowls that can also be practiced “for free”, so without the need for a surface specifically dedicated to this.

Finally you can always take advantage of the rural environment in which you will be immersed and of the mountain bikes at your disposal, in fact you can often use the bicycles provided by the agritourism that you have booked, to bring your children for a walk with you!

tennis court in a farmhouse Umbria

Excursions and activities for children with animals

To make your children ‘s holiday in Umbria truly unique and unforgettable will be the myriad of activities organized by the farmhouses that involve animals.

We bet that no child will pull back when they are offered the possibility of riding a horse or a pony, indeed we are almost certain that once they get on it they will never want to go down!

But it does not end here, often in fact your holidays in Umbria with family will be gladdened by the animals present in the farm facilities. These are mostly farm animals such as chickens, rabbits, geese and in some cases even some donkeys!

Not to mention the little dog that you will often find in farmhouse for children in Umbria with which they will make friends.

A girl rides a horse in a farmhouse

Umbria farmhouse with children’s pool

Finally … but not because it is less important, a self-respecting farmhouse, it must also have a swimming pool. Species if it is found in the countryside of Umbria and therefore not really close to the sea. To defeat the summer heat or to spend unforgettable moments of relaxation, the pool is what it takes.

If you are on vacation also with your children then you will appreciate the fact that many of the pools of the Umbrian farmhouses present within this portal are also designed for children.

By children’s pools we mean swimming pools that are not too deep and that at the same time also have small slides or steps to make it easier for children to enter the water. You can also use the armrests or small inflatable life jackets so you can have fun in the company of your little ones in complete safety!

farmhouse for children in Umbria with a swimming pool

Choose to spend your holidays in the countryside together with your family in an farmhouse for childrn in Umbria!

Book now your apartment or room on a farmhouse in Umbria and spend your days in the company of your family and friends surrounded by the wonderful colors that our region offers in every season and live a break between relaxation and the sounds of nature!

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