Gubbio, your starting point to visit the most fascinating places between Umbria and Marche if you stay in a farmhouse Umbria. The ideal place for a holiday dedicated to artistic, cultural and scenic beauty.


Umbertide is surrounded by the green of the Umbrian hills and dominated by Monte Acuto (926mt). During your visit to the village you can see the presence of the medieval fortress, the symbol of the city.


The origins of Valfabbrica‘s castle are closely related to the events of the Benedictine Monastery of S. Maria in “Vado Fabrice”, one of the most ancient and important coenobi of Umbria.


Acqualagna is located near the Gola del Furlo. During your stay you’ll have the opportunity to taste delicious aromas related to the precious truffle and discover the beauty of the Furlo Reserve, from the territory of the Mountain Community of Catria and Nero.


Known as Casteldurante in 1636 Pope Urban VIII raised it to city and diocese “for the civilization of the inhabitants and the beauty of the place”, calling it Urbania.


Apecchio is the ideal place to explore the area through marked trails and immerse yourself in relevant speleological itineraries.


Cagli, a town rich in monuments, located along the ancient Via Flaminia, on the slopes of Mount Petrano.


Fabriano is situated in a marvelous valley surrounded by hills. The history of Fabriano is lost in time, several historical discoveries affirm that the territory has been inhabited since the Prehistoric Era.

Gualdo Tadino

Gualdo Tadino, a reality closely connected with a lush and uncontaminated natural environment. A place where festival and tradition come together in the Giochi Le Porte (Doors Games).


Piobbico, situated on the slopes of Monte Nerone, is crossed by the Candigliano river. The village develops up to the castle in the highest hill of the village.


Urbino is one of the most important artistic, cultural, historical and architectural heritage of middle Italy therefore is one of the major tourist destinations of the area.

Perugia e Assisi

During your stay you can’t miss a visit to Perugia, the capital of Umbria, and to Assisi, a city of considerable artistic importance that plays an important role in the history of the Catholic Church.

Monte Cucco Park

The Monte Cucco Park is a vast territory in the north-eastern part of Umbria and is bordered by the ridge of the Apennine mountains among which stands the Cucco Mountain for a height of 1.566m.

Furlo Gorge

The Furlo Gorge State Nature Reserve is a natural reservoir to be protected and enhanced, the management of which has been entrusted to the Province of Pesaro and Urbino.

Frasassi Caves

The Frasassi Caves are open throughout the year and they are accessible to eveyone thanks to their constant temperature of 14 °C all year round.

Trasimeno lake and islands

lago trasimeno - vacanza in umbria agriturismo

In the part of Umbria that addresses the nearby Tuscany it’s possible to admire the naturalistic beauties of the Trasimeno Lake Park. During your visit do not miss a visit to the islands that can be visited on the lake: Isola Maggiore and Isola Polvese.

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