Christmas at Gubbio on a farmhouse!

Spend your Christmas in a farmhouse in Gubbio with the whole family!

All the reasons why you have to spend a Christmas in a farmhouse in Gubbio

Christmas is always special, especially when you spend it in the company of the people you love the most, perhaps in the context of a Christmas in a farmhouse in Gubbio!

If in fact Christmas is always a magical and exciting time, Christmas in Umbria is even more so because of the strong spirituality of some places that have been fundamental for some of the greatest saints of the Christian religion. But not only this!

Spending Christmas on a farmhouse Umbria in Gubbio also means taking part in events for adults and children, illuminations, markets, with the magnificent backdrop of the largest Christmas tree in the world. All these aspects have contributed to the fact that the town of Gubbio has earned, over time, the name of Christmas City.

Christmas is the time when the town is at its best, both for citizens and tourists, giving to anyone who stops there emotions and truly unique and unforgettable atmospheres to the delight of children and adults.

But let’s try to order and explain why you should spend Christmas in a farmhouse in Gubbio also taking stock of attractions and activities in the town during this period.

largest Christmas tree in the world gubbio

Experience the magic of Christmas in the

Gubbio Christmas city

In the winter months from November to January, Gubbio turns into the City of Christmas with attractions and incredible events that make you dream of adults and children who will stay in an Umbria children’s farm. Let’s see what they are:

  • Icy Pond: it is an ice skating rink located in the historic center of Gubbio;
  • Christmas Market: let yourself get involved in the wonderful Christmas atmosphere that is created every year in the splendid setting of Piazza 40 Martiri. The thousands of lights and colors, as well as the wooden stands containing the most beautiful craft objects and Christmas decorations, but also the best culinary specialties will ensure that you can find everything you need for your Christmas shopping before returning at your Christmas in a farmhouse in Gubbio. In the area there will also be numerous attractions dedicated to children such as the Santa Claus Train and much more!
  • 3D Videomapping Palazzo dei Consoli: it is a three-dimensional projections show in time of music that by superimposing a virtual model on a life-size scale to the original facade of the building, creates a game of augmented reality and visual effects of great emotional impact;
  • Santa’s sleigh: the beautiful horse-drawn Santa’s sleigh that will give both children and adults a lot of fun!
  • World’s Largest Christmas Tree: Since 1981 the town of Gubbio has held this record. The figure of an immense Christmas tree, whose lighting takes place on December 7th, is realized by arranging with wisdom on the wild slopes of Mount Ingino. Lights of various types and colors, which draw an absolutely particular and unique chromatic effect. The dimensions of the tree are gigantic: the base is 450 meters, the height is over 750 meters (slightly less than thirty football fields). At the top instead there is the big star located on the Basilica of the Patron, Sant’Ubaldo, placed on top of the mountain. P.S: if you have chosen well where to spend your Christmas in a farmhouse in Gubbio, you can admire it directly from there!
  • North Pole Ferris Wheel: For fifty days you can admire a breathtaking view of the city in a whole new way. You will discover the thousand colored lights, a unique skyline, as well as admiring the beauty of the majestic Christmas Tree, the largest in the world, even in the city center.

But it doesn’t end here!

Farmhouses in Gubbio are also waiting for you for the New Year and for the Epiphany!

Ferris wheel - Christmas Gubbio
farmhouse in Gubbio Christmas - markets
Christmas in a farmhouse in Gubbio - videomapping
Santa's sleigh - farmhouses Umbria Gubbio

New Year and Epiphany in a farmhouse in Gubbio

But spending only Christmas in a farmhouse in Umbria in Gubbio is too little!

Many are the events that take place in the Euganean period during the year-end, such as the myriad cribs, living and otherwise, with statuettes that are real works of art, to be visited.

New Year’s Eve and Epiphany are upon us if you spent Christmas here!

And what’s better than spending a New Year’s holiday in Gubbio with your friends and family?

If you choose to spend this special day in one of the Umbria farmhouse in Gubbio you won’t regret it!

Save yourself the trouble of taking care of the classic New Year’s dinner. We will take care of the structure of your choice, after agreement, to cook for all the classic dinner. A dinner that will include classic dishes all made with the best local products!

Don’t reduce yourself at the last moment to try to understand what you will do on December 31st and book your Gubbio farm for New Year now!

Epiphany and New Year on a farm in Gubbio

Celebrate the New Year's eve in the

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The city of Gubbio awaits you among colors, attractions, lights and events for adults and children.

Many appointments between markets, the World’s Greatest Christmas Tree, the Ferris wheel, the cribs in the streets of the city and much more to celebrate the New Year and Epiphany! For more information

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