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Choosing to go on holiday in a farmhouse Gubbio is without a doubt a great solution to visit Umbria and the splendid portion of territory that surrounds the town of Gubbio.

A farmhouse in Gubbio in Umbria allows you to spend a vacation while you are immersed in nature, away from the smog and stress of city life but equally equipped with all the comforts to make you feel at home even when you are on vacation.

Choosing one of the farmhouse Umbria, maybe just in Gubbio, for your holiday, in fact also means being able to make excursions in the midst of nature and come into contact with some of the wild animals that are present there such as fallow deer, hares and squirrels or even being able to spot some rare birds.

Furthermore from the farmhouse in Gubbio you can enjoy a privileged position that will allow you to easily reach this beautiful medieval town and admire its naturalistic and historical beauties.

Below we have listed the things you absolutely must not miss during your holiday in one of the farmhouses Gubbio:


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Focus on Gubbio: history

Going on holiday in a Gubbio farmhouse is like taking a step back in time. Gubbio is in fact a splendid town that seems to have remained unchanged since the Middle Ages and as such it is rich in history and monuments of particular interest, one more beautiful than the other. As evidence of its beauty is the fact that it has often been the site of film and television sets.

Its roots date back to well before the Roman era, of which the beautiful Amphitheater is still clearly visible. In fact, the Eugubine tables were found in Gubbio, evidence of the occupation by the Umbrian population of this territory.

We said town because Gubbio does not reach 35,000 inhabitants but despite this you will need a fair amount of time to visit it. The small number of inhabitants and its particular position, make that since ancient times it has been the scene of particular encounters such as that between San Francesco and the Wolf as well as special finds as evidenced by the other number of fossils found in its vicinity.

Gubbio is located on the slopes of Mount Ingino which dominates the valley below on which you can climb with the special funicular to enjoy a breathtaking view that you will not easily forget, as indeed we hope, your holiday in a Gubbio half-board farmhouse.

farmhouse Gubbio - Piazza Grande square

What to see during your vacation in a farmhouse in Umbria in Gubbio

During your stay in one of the Gubbio farmhouse you will probably think often of finding yourself in a distant era. In fact, it will be easy to confuse you given the medieval atmosphere you breathe.

Especially if your visit starts from the beautiful Piazza Grande, the real center of the town which is a beautiful panoramic terrace. On the square there is also the Palazzo dei Consoli dating back to the first half of the 14th century and now the Civic Museum which, thanks to its particular architectural profile, has become the symbol of Gubbio.

Among the things you can’t absolutely miss during your holiday in Gubbio there is also the Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo, the patron saint of the city which is located at the top of Mount Ingino. To visit it you will be faced with a dilemma. You can choose to go up the slopes of the mountain on foot or to take the comfortable but, for the less adventurous and for those suffering from dizziness, a frightening cable car.

Among the other things you can’t miss, there are also the Palazzo Ducale, former historical residence of the Duke of Urbino Federico di Montefeltro, the Duomo and the splendid Via de ‘Consoli with the Bargello palace and much more.

So much more that probably one day will not be enough to see everything and you will have to return to your farmhouse in Gubbio before continuing your tour.

What to see in Gubbio

Attend events during your stay in a farmhouse in Umbria

With all this history behind Gubbio could not fail to have a rich cultural tradition to maintain and prosper over time.

There are many feasts and recurrences, often with a religious background, which alternate during the months of the year. Among those we recommend to attend during your stay in a Gubbio farmhouse in Umbria there are the following:

  1. The Festa dei Ceri, held every year on May 15th in honor of Sant’Ubaldo. It is a palio, held every year continuously since 1160, during which the districts challenge each other to a race up to the basilica of the saint carrying great and heavy candles in the shoulder.
  2. The Palio della Balestra is a traditional competition with the old crossbow station. The Crossbowmen of Gubbio and those of Sansepolcro, meet every year in Piazza Grande and challenge to hit the “badger”, a target placed 36 meters away and the crossbowman.
  3. The Festa della Mansuetudine is held instead in November and retraces a famous episode linked to the life of Saint Francis, that is the one according to which the saint managed to tame a wolf that brought terror and disorder to the town.

Furthermore, we recall that in Gubbio there is the largest Christmas tree in the world, which is lit on the 8th of December of each year and at the inauguration of which important personalities from the world of entertainment and not only participate. Take the opportunity to spend Christmas on a farmhouse in Gubbio!

events in Gubbio - Corsa dei Ceri

Farmhouse in Gubbio: a delight for the spirit but above all for the palate

One of the reasons why more and more people choose to spend their holidays on a farmhouse, especially if it is an “agriturismo in Umbria“, is the possibility that these accommodations offer you to enjoy genuine cuisine based on typical local products .

We are sure that during your stay in Umbria in one of the splendid farmhouses in Gubbio one of the most beautiful moments of your day will be the one dedicated to meals.

The delicacies of Gubbio are in fact many starting from “crescia“, also known as “Torta al Testo“, a sort of simple focaccia stuffed with salami, cheeses and vegetables of various types according to your tastes.

Another of the typical products of Gubbio is the truffle, both white and black, which in the Eugubino woods grows in abundance as evidenced by the Truffle’s Exhibition of Gubbio that takes place in the town.

Among the local products we also point out the excellent oil e.v.o. that wine is produced there as well.

Farmhouse Gubbio with restaurant of typical food

Farmhouse Umbria Gubbio with Pool

Having at your disposal a farmhouse in Umbria with a swimming pool, maybe in Gubbio, is one of those things that will make your holiday unforgettable!

Imagine that you spent the whole day touring the beautiful villages of Umbria or trekking in the paths between the green hills around Gubbio and Umbertide. Wouldn’t you like, especially in summer, to take a bath in one of the Gubbio farmhouses with swimming pool on your return to get your strength back?

Take advantage of the splendid panorama you can enjoy from the farm where you are for a romantic bath with your or your partner or … spend time in the pool with the whole family, including children!

farmhouse in gubbio with swimming pool

Tell us and share your vacation in a farmhouse in Gubbio in Umbria!

Now it’s up to you to share and tell about your holiday in a Gubbio farmhouse.

Tell us what struck you most: the fantastic food, the medieval atmosphere, or the view from Mount Ingino? Or maybe, to make your holiday unforgettable was the hospitality that the managers of Gubbio farmhouses reserved for you?

Tell us what was the most beautiful thing you did during your stay in one of the splendid farmhouses in Gubbio also through facebook or instagram.

If you are still undecided about where to go on holiday in Umbria, check out an Umbertide farmhouse or a Valfabbrica farmhouse!

See you soon in Gubbio!

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