Visit Umbria: why Farmhouse in Umbria is the best choise

Visit Umbria: all the reasons why you must   spend your holiday on a farmhouse in Umbria

Discover with us why you should visit Umbria and book a nice holiday on a farmhouse Umbria on If you are looking for relaxation in the countryside or you like to be immersed in nature then what you are looking for is definitely staying in one of the many Umbria farmhouses.

The green heart of Italy is in fact one of the Italian regions with the highest number of agritourism facilities. Not to mention that every farm has its peculiarities and peculiarities, so much so as to make this area nestled between the hills and mountains of Central Italy truly unique in its kind and in its hospitality.

Furthermore, a holiday in Umbria farmhouse with swimming pool is not only suitable for families but is well suited to every need and satisfies not only those seeking well-being and relaxation in the open countryside, but also creative, cultural, sporting and naturalistic activities.

Without forgetting that there are also Umbria Pet Friendly Farmhouses where you can bring your pets that will make your children happy!

agriturismi in umbria vacanza - campagna e relax

Discover the best

1 – Farmhouse in Umbria: Enjoy your vacation and spectacular nature

Among the reasons why you absolutely have to visit Umbria there is undoubtedly the fact that the region is rich in unspoiled landscapes and natural beauties that you can easily reach thanks to farmhouses strategic position.

There is no better feeling than resting in the countryside, or in the woods of its hills, being awakened by the chirping of birds. And after this sweet awakening we suggest you start off immediately by exploring ancient paths that climb up to the top of the mountains and, once at the top, admire the valleys that surround them and the splendid views.

If you like nature among the things you absolutely must see there is definitely the Furlo Nature Reserve. Alternatively, explore the natural caves, such as those of Monte Cucco or Frasassi, or make a stop at the splendid Marmore Falls. If, on the other hand, you are quieter types then we recommend you not miss the natural landscapes of Lake Trasimeno, the fourth largest lake in Italy, or an excursion to the Oasis of Colfiorito.

Moreover during all these activities it will be frequent to meet tender wild animals that you will hardly be able to see elsewhere!

agriturismo in umbria immerso nella natura - trekking al Monte Cucco

2 – The farmhouse in Umbria is synonymous with local, genuine products and culinary tradition

One of the most beautiful experiences, so much so that we do not hesitate to define it as a mystical experience, which you will face in an Umbria farmhouse is that of food.

So to speak, does the term “norcineria” tell you something? For the uninitiated the norcineria is a place destined exclusively for the processing and sale of pork. The word norcineria can also indicate the art of pork processing by the butcher and all related techniques and derives from the town of Norcia, in the province of Perugia, known precisely for this activity.

In addition to this you’ll discover that visit Umbria is also a territory with a strong agricultural vocation with multiple typical local productions, in particular the production of oil e.v.o. of quality, strong also of the soil particularly suitable for the growth of precious mushrooms: truffles. And how can we not talk about the famous torta al testo or crescia? As for the wine, it is sufficient to mention the famous Sagrantino di Montefalco to understand that in Umbria it is not a joke.

In short, during your holiday on a farmhouse in Umbria one thing is sure: you will have a hard time not to put on weight even a kg while enjoying the delicious local products and wines mostly at km0!

Norcineria e salumi tipici - agriturismo in Umbria

3 – Visit Umbria and don’t miss the big events

The calendar of events, especially during the summer season, is full of events and shows for all tastes.

They range from historical re-enactments, set mainly in medieval times; above all we remember the Corsa dei Ceri in Gubbio and the Giostra della Quintana in Foligno, concerts with international artists such as those held on the occasion of Umbria Jazz.

A special mention from a cultural point of view also goes to the Festival of the Two Worlds in Spoleto, while for the religious one it is Assisi that plays the lion’s share thanks to the recurrences concerning San Francesco and Santa Chiara.

Among the winter events are particularly famous and famous those related to Christmas that see in the ignition of the largest Christmas tree in the world in Gubbio its culmination (in this regard, perhaps you should stay in a farmhouse in Gubbio or take advantage of some offer concerning farmhouse Gubbio Christmas).

Obviously, after spending your energies participating in these events, all you have to do is return to your agritourism in Umbria, taking advantage of the fact that they are all a short distance from where these fantastic events take place.

agriturismo umbria - eventi: corsa dei Ceri a Gubbio

4 – Visit Umbria and discover its art, culture, and religion

Umbria is a region with ancient origins that date back as far as before the Etruscans and the Umbrian population occupied its territories only to be supplanted by the ancient Romans.

To this we add that the particular conformation of the territory, mostly hilly, has meant that the population was distributed in a widespread way in small villages, some then fortified and become real cities like Perugia, each with its own traditions and stories.

In Umbria some of the most important figures in Italian history have also been born: apart from the very famous San Francesco and Santa Chiara from Assisi, we remember the Duke of Montefeltro who reigned for a long time on Gubbio and the painter known as “Il Perugino” Pietro Vannucci .

We stop here because the list would be really long. What we want to emphasize is that each of these populations, saints, characters, has managed to donate works that resist until today and that you can admire while staying in your farmhouse in Umbria.

5 – Farmhouse Umbria half board or full board?

Almost all the farmhouses that you can find in our portal can offer you different ways of living.

We refer to the possibility of choosing between a farmhouse in Umbria half board or a farmhouse Umbria full board.

If you like to go around exploring the beauty of the place where you are on vacation then choosing a farmhouse in Umbria half board can be a wise choice.

On the other hand, why pay for meals that you will hardly eat on a farm? In fact you will hardly be able to come back in time for lunch or dinner if you have decided to go to some particular place without considering that going back for meals could cause you to waste time!

If you are a quieter type and you are aiming to relax on vacation, or you cannot afford too much travel because you are on vacation with your family, maybe with your children, then we are sure that choosing the full board option of your farmhouse in Umbria is the wisest choice for you. There is also another advantage to choosing a farmhouse in Umbria with full board: to try the local flavors and typical local dishes made with quality ingredients. A choice that we are sure you will not regret for sure!

If, on the other hand, you still don’t have a clear idea of ​​what you will do during your vacation in Umbria, don’t worry. You can also communicate your presence at lunch or dinner to your farmhouse day by day.

agriturismi in umbria: meglio mezza pensione o pensione completa?

Farmhouse in Umbria? Now it’s your turn to tell us why to choose them for your holiday!

If you have read up to this point then know that now it’s up to you to share the reason why you should stay in a farmhouse in Umbria during your holidays.

We have limited ourselves to listing the 4 most important reasons precisely because we do not want to take anything away from the uniqueness of the experience that only you, we are certain, know you will identify.

We therefore ask you to let us know and share with others via facebook or instagram the reasons why you found your holiday in an unforgettable farmhouse in Umbria and an experience not to be missed.

See you soon in Umbria!

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